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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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strikingly similar to michelle obama's 2008 convention address. the web site "turn it in" a site that checks school papers for plagiarism, they say there is a less than one in a trillion -- with a "t" chance that those matches were just a coincidence. so there are big questions right now. who was responsible for the speech? who wrote it or at least helped her write it and second will there be repercussions for thattern? at this point there are -- these are the answers we've heard. >> just another example, as far as we're concerned, that when hillary clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy the person. >> probably an unfortunate oversight and certainly melania didn't have anything to the with it. >> michelle obama does not own the words "hard work" and "dedication" and "values." >> melania trump said the strength of your dreams and willingness to work for them.
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twilight sparkle from my little pony said this is your dream. >> we're watching the campaign closely this hour and in a matter of hours senator jeff sessions will place donald trump's name in for nomination. we have everything covered ahead of an important night at the gop convention. let's start with hallie jackson, she joins me from here in cleveland. hallie, it's been quite a day. >> it's day two, kate, it feels like day 2,000. it's been quite the scene at the republican national convention in cleveland and there is a sense among republicans they are ready to move on, ready to get the nomination for donald trump and really focus on trying to bring the party together. that's the theme of the week, unity. the other theme has been trying to personalize donald trump a little bit, try to show he has a softer side. that was the intent of melania trump's speech last night or one of the intents. is obviously the conversation is not surrounding that part of the goal here at the rnc.
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i want to give you a sense where we are. we're next to the stage at the convention floor. we've been seeing top republicans, people set to take the stage doing their wake walk through. we saw tiffany trump come out, one of the trump children who will deliver a speech and donald trump, jr., also. i'm told by a top aide he will be talking about conservative principles. the idea for the delegates trying to shore up donald trump's conservative credentials and bring grass-roots back under the big tent like, for example, the colorado delegates that walked off the floor yesterday, some of these folks working to push the unbound delegates movement, kate. so we have a long list of speakers here. house speaker paul ryan will take the stage. we think he will come through his walk through shortly. obviously lots to discuss with team trump, the campaign as then they work to put them behind them. you've heard paul manafort saying there was no cribbing, nothing that they lifted from
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michelle obama's speech, these are common themes and phrases and i think you played a little bit of sean spicer's comments on my little pony and akon and john legend, making the point that these are sentences that aren't necessarily unusual but it is worth noting these phrases are strikingly similar. they were delivered in the same order so the trump campaign is being forced to answer questions about it when frankly the conversations they'd rather be talking about is donald trump, the person who took the stage with melania trump and what he will do to beat hillary clinton in the fall. >> you're right they'd rather us be talk talking about the agenda for tonight and they will. hallie, corey lewandowski, formerly a spokesperson for the trump campaign, now a commentator on another network, suggested if paul manafort were the last to see that speech he ought to be fired is what corey lewandowski said. is anyone talking about whether there will be repercussions for
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anyone? >> and accountability at this point? i think what you've seen is a defense from paul manafort against some of the staffers whose names have come up. it's notable to point out that corey lewandowski when he was with the campaign and paul manafort were on polar ends of the spectrum. two different camps, there's a lot of antagonism between the two so not surprising that at this particular moment they don't necessarily see eye to eye, kate. >> hallie jackson on the floor of the convention, hallie, thanks so much. it will be a great night. it kicked off on monday with real fireworks yesterday afternoon at this time on the floor. attempts to force a vote by the anti-trump delegates which failed but caused a lot of noise. will there be any more drama like that inside quicken loans arena? jacob soboroff joins me for more on that. jacob, any sign there will be more dissent. >> kate, hallie jackson asked what will the delegates unbound
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movement do? i happen to be standing next to the right person to ask that question, this is kendall unruh, the leader of the walkout of the colorado delegates yesterday and everybody, all eyes are on the colorado delegates and other delegations after yesterday's opposition to the roll call by the republican party. kendall, everybody is looking at you guys, what are you going to do? >> well, colorado is okay because we have pledged to ted cruz and our daeelegation will fair. but we need to watch iowa and utah where there needs to be an accurate vote count reflected or there will be challenges and that includes a delegate standing up, taking the microphone if the vote tally has been cast and challenging with precise language so they're not ruled out of order the fact that it doesn't reflect the votes that were cast. that's the only way we can truly legitimately reflect the honesty and integrity of voting conscience which, by the way, is a good given right. it isn't taken nor given by the
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rnc so after this incredible paragraph they've demonstrated where they've encapsulated all the power into their hands, the delegates have been pushback and said we're going to take our voice back. they mitigated this entire process. the delegates realize they're only here to be window dressing to coronate a king and they're pushing back. >> what does it matter? if you won't stop donald trump from becoming the president, if you can't stop the rules, what will you do other than make noise today? >> it's not just about noise, free conscience is a big deal. it's a matter of what exists inherently in every individual and this statement supersedes anything done here, it goes in perpetuity, the fact that people stand on what they know to be their inherent right to express themselves in the form of a vote a vote is a sanctity of something they own, nobody should be forcing or mandating or coercion or threats of retribution. none of that should be applied
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to the form of a vote and donald trump cannot do this in a general election. he's got to learn to earn it and he should be doing that through persuasion and reaching out to the delegates in order to get them to reflect honestly their conscience in voting for him and that will help unify the party. right now he's divided the party and that's creating this fissure that won't soon be healed. >> you've hit on that point every time i've talked with you. it seems like this is changing hour by hour. this morning i spoke with you and you have alleged intimidation by the donald trump campaign because of the activities you guys are engaged in. >> it's not alleging. >> you say it's not alleging. what have you heard from the rnc, trump supporters over the course of today as we've gotten closer towards the gavel to want. >> i will tell you something, i have three administrators on my facebook page and as this thing has progressed along they can not keep up with the trump supporters vitriol and profanity
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that is hurled at me because i'm so highly public against donald trump and this is unprecedented in a presidential campaign. it's truly a unique circumstance to be involved in a whirlwind of hostility that's being directed at those who are brave enough and bold enough to stand up and say i'm not going to be casting a ballot for donald trump and that should be concerning to every american because there are voter laws that state that you cannot harass, you cannot intimidate people in order to extort a vote from them and we see it going on within the republican party. that's what's so concerning now that you have the rnc working in tandem with donald trump, this -- something he said he was not and he said he was an outsider, not an insider and the very course of action he took when he could take that course of action was to prove he's the consummate insider, part of the crony capitalism that's protecting the business of being in a primary state because they made sure that those open primaries and blanket primaries were not shut down because they want to make sure they protect the big business that is a primary system. >> last question.
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ken cuccinelli, who has been a member of your alliance that was protesting yesterday against this are lack of a roll call vote said he's probably not going to protest this evening. is the coalition falling apart on the second day of the convention? >> it's not a matter of falling apart. there's been so many different organic things sprouting up from the fact people are realizing how they've been treated and look the realization is now that we're being used and they want us to work for this candidate so it's up to them to make sure they mend the fissure they've created and take ownership of what they've done. that's part of what this movement is about is, look, just take accountability and we want transparency because part of what has happened is we submitted the signatures and we're not being provided by any transparency on the fact when they said we didn't meet the threshold and that's very concerning to us because we are supposed to be an honest party playing by the rules and we haven't seen that. >> what kendall is saying, kate, is important. the donald trump campaign and
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the rnc continues to call her and her movement a small but vocal minority but what she said about the signatures is true. we have not seen the signatures of the states that were withdrawn from that petition to have the roll call vote last night and they haven't been released by the campaign or the party, it's something we're trying to get ahold of. we'll be watching kendall very closely and her allies in the stop trump movement and that movement to repeal the rules from 2016. i'll throw it back to you. >> jacob soboroff on the floor of the convention. thank you. we'll talk to a trump supporter in just a moment but for the moment let's turn to hugh hewitt, host of the hue hewitt show on the salem radio network and bloomberg's mark halperin, co-host of "with all due respect" on this network. gentlemen, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> i can't believe what we're talking about on day two after night one, hugh, of this convention, does it pain you we're sitting here talking about what seemed to be mistakes,
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divisions, negative -- you know, there's a negative tone in the daylight after last night. >> well, three points. i thought it was a great night, probably the best hour of the trump campaign to go from tom cotton to rudy giuliani to mr. trump. i'm shocked, shocked, there's imperfect and bad ghost writing going on. i was a ghostwriter myself for a long time. >> imperfect is one thing but we said at the top of the show one in a trillion chance that was not plagiarized. >> here's the thing democrats have to worry about. they are setting it up for the easy pivot to go from partial plagiarism to perfect perjury between a potential first lady to the potential president so when we talk about plagiarism, it's very easy to go to perjury and as director comey laid down the predicate for perjury talking about mrs. clinton in six ways. i like to make that pivot easily. >> mark, does someone in the campaign -- i don't want to make too much of it -- but if it is plagiarism does somebody need to take the fall and will we see that before 5:30?
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>> they need to get the press off of this. they can do that by firing someone if they find someone worthy of scapegoating. they can do it by having a great night. i think there is an excessive focus on this. those are the rules of the game. this is the potential first lady of the united states whose speech was not done correctly whose ever fault it was but this is an opportunity for them to show competence. there's no doubt this has exposed and exacerbated internal conflicts within the campaign. >> it's not just about plagiarism, hugh, you would probably acknowledge this points to potential problems within the structure of the trump campaign. >> the ghost writing staff. there's a ghost writing team on every campaign especially for first ladies and would be first ladies. somebody screwed up. even if it's completely innocent, you run it through the plagiarism checker yourself. >> wouldn't the rnc check before putting in the the tell prompter. >> i asked the man who loaded mitt romney's teleprompter, he checks it. it's up to the campaign, not the
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rnc. >> to fact check. >> to fact check. >> it was not a normal speech, that's an historic speech. if donald trump wins, that's an historic speech. he can't be that careless with it. but as big as deal as it is today, they need to fix it somehow by prime time tonight. if they don't, if tonight is continuing to chew over this, half their convention will be talking about this. >> and for viewers who aren't keeping track, we have tiffany trump, the youngest daughter, then we have donald trump, jr., tonight as well. >> and chris christie. >> and a number of luminaries from the party as well. >> i think the trump children step up and defend mrs. trump very vigorously. >> and mention it? >> defend mrs. trump. she did do a great performance and most of america does not care about partial plagiarism and i suggest you pivot to the perjury of the played in the by before benghazi. >> his campaign ill-served his wife. whatever the facts, we know that to be true. he hasn't spoken out publicly yet and until he does and tells
12:14 pm
us what he thinks about what happened this story lingers. >> that's a lot of pressure on his two kids for tonight. >> they've been under a lot of pressure for a long time. >> she's done less publicly. donald trump, jr., has become in a short period of time an extraordinarily good public presenter. there is a lot of pressure on him tonight. there's a ton tonight and more because of what happened last night. >> hugh, another thing that caught my eye, the governor of arkansas is on tap as is the arkansas attorney general. right after him i'm guessing that's not an accident. these are people who know the clintons pretty well. >> and tom cotton, senator from arkansas last night gave a terrific speech. they're going after the secretary of state on her record. again, i go back to comey and benghazi and they will go after the conviction without the indictment of last week because they want it back off of mrs. trump to mrs. clinton and you'll see that tonight. it's attack right. >> paul manafort said at a bloomberg breakfast this election is not about hillary clinton.
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somewhat surprising to me. he said this is about donald trump so hugh and others would like to see lots of attacks on her and there will be and there were last night but in the main -- and this is why last night was so damaging to their goals -- they want to define donald trump on their terms over this convention. >> quickly to both of you, will we have a unified party by thursday night given what jacob soboroff was just showing with us a few of the delegates? >> it's a black swan election. it's never happened to republicans before, i have no idea but it felt that way when mike pence got nominated. felt that way with cotton and giuliani so i think it will end by thursday night that way. >> if they execute they will be unified enough for that piece of it to be there for him to have a chance to win. >> mark halperin, hugh hewitt, always nice to have you guys. moving forward from last night's kickoff, we'll check in with delegates to see what they have planned for night two. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry...
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the show will go on here in cleveland, it's day two of the convention after all and there are some high-profile speakers getting ready for tonight. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in cleveland. she joins me with a deeper look at the names on tonight's roster. kelly, let's start with new jersey governor chris christie. what do we expect? >> well, governor christie is a veteran of speaking to the republican national convention. he was a keynote from mitt romney four years ago. tonight his role will be different, a shorter speech but his message will be about donald trump and the belief he has that he's the right kind of new blunt direct leader to lead the country. if you can see over my shoulder there the big screen in the background, that's one of the tools that speakers tonight will rely on. that's not giving anything away,
12:20 pm
that's a place holder in the tell prompter. we expect there might be walk throughs where some of the speakers tonight get a feel for the stage, have a chance to see where their delegations are sitting and very few delegates are on the floor here, it's a lot of media, all of us are doing our own reports. in addition to christie, there is a night for washington and the very top leaders of the republican party, that includes paul ryan, the speaker of the house, the highest-elected republican in the country and mitch mcconnell who is, of course, the senate majority leader. both of these men have had their issues with donald trump. both have kept a bit of distance, both have given him advice, both have been cautionary about his conduct and rhetoric. and tonight their message will be about hillary clinton and the need for republicans to try to hang on to the role of count and to elect a president who can work with them.
12:21 pm
it's not an easy thing to be in a position where it's not as full throated endorsement as we would have seen in other years at other times. but at the same time, these top republican leaders know that for the party brand, very the advantage that comes with the white house and for their concerns politically about wanting to stop hillary clinton and you will hear a lot about her tonight mitch mcconnell will say hillary clinton will do or say anything to get elected and she must be stopped. that will give you a preview of the tone, the content, what the message will be tonight. it's real politics, real republican bare knuckles mixed with the family things you've been talking about as well. we expect to see perhaps a little preview tonight if we get these speakers who want to get a feel for the stage. >> kelly o'donnell, steven cortez is a trump supporter in cleveland with me. he joins me now. nice to see you in person. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to start with what we've been talking about all
12:22 pm
day, i know it's not what you want to talk about. but can we play the clip of melania trump's speech last night next to michelle obama's speech in 2008 so people can see. >> to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements -- >> to know that the only limit to theyour achievements -- >> is the reach of your dreams. >> is the strength of your dreams. >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> and your willingness to work for them. >> is there any question in your mind that someone made a mistake. >> yes, mistake, yes. does it rise -- >> no question, someone made a mistake. >> yes, but does it rise to the level of plagiarism, dishonesty on the part of mrs. trump? no, absolutely not. i've been on your show a lot i will admit trump missteps but i'll vigorously defense melania trump. >> could it be a staffer who misstepped? >> it could be but it's not a
12:23 pm
big misstep. i'm on television every single day. if you told me i had to give a nationally televised address in a second nation in front of the nation i would cry. the fact that mrs. trump put on the kind of virtuoso performance she did is incredible and i believe the mainstream media and trump's detractors are trying to use this as an opportunity, a very petty opportunity. >> well, the person who first recognized it was not a supporter of either campaign, it was a former journalist who happened to notice the words sounded familiar to him and he tweeted it and it went from there. i take your point that we're all talking about it too much but doesn't it say something fundamental about your campaign no that nobody puts it through a simple check to make sure none of the words were stolen? >> are we a well-oiled campaign machine? probably not quite yet but that's a positive. and it's one of the reasons that trump -- it's not a candidacy, it's a movement. one of the reasons this movement is resonating with americans is
12:24 pm
that we're not the bushes. this is the first republican convention in 40 years without a bush here. by the way i say that's probably a good thing going forward. this is not the establishment. what he is is an outsider, a non-politician, a maverick. and his wife is a phenomenal story. >> democrats would say if that's how he runs the campaign, how will he run the country? >> this is a minor misstep. what we saw was an incredibly impressive immigrant story, a woman who is a terrific businesswoman, a loving mother, a striking model, that was a virtuoso performance and while the media will take away from that, the american people see through that and we'll see more of that. one of the greatest strength of donald trump is his family and we'll see more of that from his children, we saw it last night from his wife, he is speaking directly to the american people. i believe he's going above and beyond the media. so i don't think the story has legs, i think by tomorrow we'll
12:25 pm
forget it by tomorrow. >> any insight into what the children will be saying? have you had a chance to read from the campaign? >> i'm not pref sri but they'll talk about what their father is like in the home. our catch phrase today is "make america work again." america is not working right now. we have almost 50 million americans on food stamps. we've never had more unemployed working age men or out of the work force men in american history. america is not working. they'll talk about how they as a family and an organization have put people to work in the trump organization and will for the united states as a whole. >> steve, you weren't a trump supporter initially, you were a rick perry supporter. you and i spoke earlier in the cycle and i want to play a soundbite of you, what you said about your evolution on donald trump. >> ronald reagan wasn't always a conservative. donald trump wasn't always a conservative. i believe he is now. that's very important to me. and i also think negotiation that that he has the winning message. not just the conservative
12:26 pm
message but a winning message that is resonating with the american people and speaks to their anxious and anger but with solution solutions. >> what do you need to hear from him thursday night to seal the deal for you? >> he's already sealed it with me. he doesn't need to sell me. to sell the rest of america -- >> and those undecided voters, he won't win without them. >> correct. people who haven't voted for him and haven't jumped on the trump train yet, number one he needs to tell them to make america great again we need to make america grow again. in the present administration and for most of the mainstream media we have been sold a bill of goods that we have to accept slow growth. that's not the case. what i want to hear specifically is how do we get breakout growth? deregulation, we need -- we have onerous regulation over our economy and we need a flatter, simpler tax structure. america hasn't lost its dynamism, we have an albatross
12:27 pm
known as washington, d.c. which is preventing us from growing the way we should. we're going to make america great again by making it grow again. >> and kendall unruh who was with jacob soboroff saying "we're not being heard" what do you say? >> you weren't heard at the ballot box. donald trump by the rules easily won this nomination so there are some cry babies here. i'm not surprised the establishment, whether it's republican or democrat, i'm a life lock republican, we've been sending republican to washington who go native and sell out to k street the second they get there and the people -- there's been a people's revolt, i'm one of them, have said enough, we want limited government, we want washington to back off, our national capital acts too much like the capital in the hunger games and we need to stop that. donald trump is the person to go to washington and not tinker around the edges but blow out the establishment. >> i'll point out you called them cry babies.
12:28 pm
>> they are cry babies. if you don't win by the rules and you try to change the rules, you're a cry baby. if you move the goalpost, you're a cheater and that's what they're trying. it's not going to work but i don't want to focus too much on that. there's a lot of anxious afing anger out there. donald trump will speak to them on thursday and we'll win in november. >> see tteve cortez, nice to ha you with us. up next, cindy mccain, the wife of senator john mccain speaking out for the first night since last night's rnc kickoff. that and more after a quick break. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything.
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ronald reagan. [ cheers and applause ] the shining city on the hill. vote for donald trump for a safer america and for an america headed in a different direction. greatness! >> that was former new york city mayor rudy giuliani making a very passionate case for donald trump at the convention last night also getting a lot of because, melania trump's speech last night. joining me in cleveland, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, to be fair, the first comments after melania trump spoke were, wow, she pulled it off, she did a nice job, she said great things about her husband. then it was within an hour that we got word that some of it sounded a whole lot like michelle obama. paul manafort with the trump campaign said on cnn "to think
12:33 pm
she would be cribbing michelle obama's words is crazy." on cbs he said melania knew what she was doing which seemed to be blaming her and at the morning briefing he says it's about the media focusing on trying to distort her message. it's now 3:22 eastern time. where do we find ourselves in the cycle of this mini controversy? >> it's a bunch of spin and whiplash that we're going through and also the trump campaign and also talking about how it was somehow the clinton campaign's fault as well as a lot of the spin so where we are right now, this has been a big bright spot for trump last night, melania's speech. yesterday was a touch component where you looked at a lot of the b-actor list, scott baio who gave a speech, antonio sabato. you look at the floor fight, it's a battle between john kasich and the trump campaign. mel melania was the highlight and we're still talking about it right now.
12:34 pm
>> i have to apologize. there are people behind us protesting, their first amendment rights being on full display here. i don't know how much you can hear us over them but we'll continue the conversation. tonight we hear from prominent republicans, as we mentioned we have senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, chris christie among others. what do you expect the tone? how do they shift things back to a positive narrative? >> what i'm looking forward is hearing about policy ideas. last night was a big focus on security but we never heard any steps about what donald trump was going to try to do differently than we've seen over the last seven and a half years and i wouldn't be surprised if we hear from house speaker paul ryan, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on what republicans are proposing in a republican white house and republican congress. this is going to be a politician's big night. you look at the totality of the convention speakers and there's so many that are outsiders. tonight 12 of the 19 evening
12:35 pm
speakers are republican politicians or operatives. so so much of this convention is about donald trump. tonight will be about the republican party, maybe the one night we hear from that. >> mark murray, great to see you. thanks so much for being here. sorry it's so loud in our spot right this moment. with so much controversy after that first night of the rnc, it's difficult to predict how things will go on later tonight. but we know who is speaking. a look at the lineup when our coverage from cleveland continues up next. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder.
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trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. this just into msnbc. more fallout over melania trump's speech last night. cindy mccain, the wife of senator john mccain who was the republican party nominee in 2008, she just weighed in. here's a bit of what she said. >> well, i do believe that
12:39 pm
melania did a very good job. i know the pressure that that takes. that's a very daunting speech to give. i think she did a very elegant job on it, she was very well spoken. i don't know this whole plagiarism thing. i don't understand it if that is indeed what happened. she was misserviced by her staff and by the people on the trump campaign and i'm sorry it's overshadowed the beautiful job she did. >> apologies, i was trying to listen there, it's really loud here. overall last night's kickoff included sharp attacks on hillary clinton from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and alabama senator jeff sessions joining us to help fact check claims made last night is nbc news and msnbc senior political editor beth fouhy, hard to hear yourself think here. let's talk about the moments last night and start with one, we're talking about the speech from jeff sessions and his
12:40 pm
comments on immigration. let's play the clip and we'll talk. >> from 2000 to 2014 while our existing population increased by millions, the number of jobs held by americans actually declined. amazingly, all the net job growth during that period went to immigrants. >> is that true that what he says that over a 14-year time period all the net job growth went to immigrants. >> politifact rated that as mostly true, here's why. there's a number of reasons why there's been a net loss of jobs, erasure from the labor force. after the recession lots of people left the work force and have never returned but yes jobs have come back, something like 4 % have gone to immigrants. it's important to note that senator session was quoting data from the center for immigration studies which is very much against illegal immigration and not even crazy about legal immigration so they have an agenda but their data is good. >> let's go to the next one, benghazi was brought up many,
12:41 pm
many times last night. i want to play a clip of rudy giuliani's speech. >> hillary clinton's answer to congress about the death of these four brave americans because of her gross failures as secretary of state was "what difference at this point does it make?" [ boos ] what difference does it make? watch the video yourself and see the arrogant disregard for american lives lost unnecessarily because of her and then make up your own mind. >> is he accurate, did she, in fact, say what difference at this point does it make? >> she says it and that is a quote that conservatives have been on for many years now ever since she gave the congressional testimony about three years ago she did say that, it's all over the internet, what difference does it make. but she wasn't talking about what difference does it make
12:42 pm
that we lost lives, she was saying what difference does it make whether the attack on the benghazi compound was as a result of a video or not. she was saying let's get the guys who did it rather than assess their motivation but that quote is such a juicy quote it's been out there and a point of criticism among conservatives. >> it was a big applause line last night. >> this is a clip of donald trump not from the convention but from an interview he did on fox news. >> i wanted him to be here. we had lots of choices. i wanted it to be in ohio. i recommended ohio and people fought very hard that it be in ohio. >> this is in the context of governor kasich not coming to the convention, right? yesterday the governor of ohio there was back and forth. is it true donald trump wanted us to be sitting here in cleveland? >> no, that's a huge whopper. cleveland was chosen by the dnc two years ago -- >> rnc. >> rnc, excuse me, in 2014. mr. trump didn't get into the
12:43 pm
race until a year later. >> so wasn't his idea but it's a great city and we love it here. beth thanks so much. good to see you. we'll check in with the clinton campaign after a quick break. she's speaking to union workers in las vegas as we speak. clean food.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
republican national convention. but we're also covering the democratic side. hillary clinton took the stage at the afscme convention in las vegas, nevada. kristen welker is covering the campaign from las vegas. kristen, i know she just said something about the festivities here in cleveland, comparing it, i think, to the wizard of oz? >> that's right, she did, indeed. the clinton camp pain doing a little bit of counterprogramming this week, kate, there's no doubt, she's here rallying union workers in las vegas and moments ago she weighed in on what was a rocky night for donald trump the first day of the gop convention, take a listen. >> last night in cleveland was surreal. i kept thinking what's this like and then i thought you know when i was a little girl i went to see when they reissued it the movie "the wizard of oz."
12:47 pm
[ laughter and applause ] and there were similarities that appeared to me you know, lots of sound and fourry, even a fog machine but when you pulled back the curtain it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people! [ cheers and applause ] >> kate, important to point out that clinton did not comment on melania trump's speech, in fact, her campaign isn't commenting on melania trump's speech but some of her surrogates are. i spoke with one of them earlier today who said donald trump should take a page out of his own play book and fire whoever wrote that speech. all of this comes as we're getting new insight possibly into who clinton is looking at for her possible vp pick. she spoke about tim kaine very glowly in a recent interview. i've been talking to insiders who say he's been at the top of
12:48 pm
her list for quite some time, he checks the boxes, he's a senator from virginia, a former governor and someone who has foreign policy experience. at the same time, a lot of focus right now on agriculture secretary tom vilsack. he's a former lawmaker from iowa so he helps out in a critical swing state. he's also someone who has a decades-long relationship with the clintons and that's important to secretary clinton. i anticipate we'll get a decision within the coming day, kate. >> kristen welker on the hillary clinton campaign, thanks so much. next we turn to the herculean effort to keep this convention in cleveland safe. night one in the books with few arrests following protests. what federal, state, and local officials are doing now to maintain the calm when our coverage live from cleveland continues on the other side of a quick break..
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
well, we have seen some groups walking by here and some protestors and tense moments on the convention floor, but the streets of cleveland are peaceful. today hundreds of people are expected to protest inside of the event zone in the quicken loans where police have already broken up a confrontation and nbc jacob joins melania from publix square. for the most part it seems like pretty good news so far. >> reporter: yeah, what's happens is the police wanted it to happen. very small mostly that have come to public square. we have a couple of people arguing back and forth. we have a lot of different causes including proabortion or antiabortion and then we have right now what you're seeing is a big media skrung because we
12:53 pm
have alex and he has a youtube page and he is poplar with a lot of trump supporters, and you have him arguing back and forth, so this is how public square is supposed to work. you have a lot of police although they're not in middle of it all unless things are heated. they're just staying back and you have a lot of officers on bike and foot. a lot of police presence but not immediately in there. they're allowing people to argue back and forth and like we said it's been peaceful so far. there was a moment an hour or so where a trump supporter and a group were getting too close and heated, and they pushed him apart. >> jacob, what do we think of the coming days. are their plans for the biggest protest and plans coming forward? >> reporter: yeah, they are.
12:54 pm
yesterday we had 500 people blocking the roads and then we had a couple and organizers are saying that they're expecting a thousand of people and one to start in a few minutes and hundreds or so when they put out an estimate. we do expect bigger protest in the next couple of days. >> okay. jacob has the duty of following them around and making sure that things are safe. 90 minute goes until the rnc kicks off. our coverage live from cleveland continues up next. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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12:58 pm
stand up and vote for donald trump. >> reporter: or not. don't vote for donald trump. where is the protest to want and where it might be inside of the arena, and i want to take you there and that's the delegation that's sitting in the very far back arena and that's because this is not a state arena and it went 17 arena and then 13 for cruz and eight for trump. it's one that they won and during the call, we're going to watch the chair of the delegation here and to see what that says because we know that there are a lot of delegates that did not support and do not support donald trump. we recognize this delegation inside of the order as it's supposed to be called on and counting the delegations and making him the nominee. he made out of order and out of order when they account for the delegates and in order to not have donald trump have any
12:59 pm
embarrassment like we saw last night. gain, minnesota and one of the states that we're watching for close tonight. >> and all of this happens before the prime time coverage. you can see it here on msnbc. >> reporter: we're going to be here. >> following everything on the floor, and jacob thank you so much. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc. i'm kate snow and coming to you live from cleveland, ohio. the coverage continues right now with my colleague. [ music playing ] hey, and good afternoon everybody. i am steve and live in new york. 112 days to go until the election, but also it's now day two of the republican national convention and topping the agenda right now donald trump furious as night one in cleveland is over shadowed by
1:00 pm
charges of plagiarism. >> to know that the only limits and the height of your achievement. >> to know that the only limit to your achievement. >> is the reach of your dreams. >> is the strength of your dreams. >> and the willingness to work hard for them. >> and the willingness to work for them. >> the trump strategy is denied deny deny. they insist that this is not plagiarism, but a source telling nbc news just this afternoon that melania has been humiliated and no doubt heads are going to roll. katie is on the trump and we will have the details on what is going on inside of the campaign next ahead. also on the agenda the convention started with chaos yesterday afternoon, and now the question is are we in store for another flight two hours for now. >> the delegates have had some push back and said that we're going take the voice


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